Welcome to the Authentic Power Course!

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This course will introduce you to a different way of looking at relationships and also a different way of looking at power and what that might mean in your life. It will provide you tools, experiments, and experiences that you can use to change you life.

And the most exciting new development of all…the offering of a series of online rich media learning adventures, starting with our very first one, Authentic Power.

“Authentic Power shows you how to create relationships of substance and depth, of meaning and purpose—that we call spiritual partnerships.”

— Gary Zukav

Linda and Gary






To get the most from this course, we suggest you:

  • Find a place with privacy and quiet.
  • Be honest when you answer questions. No one will review or grade you.
  • Write down things in the videos that interest you and note the times so you can return to them.
  • Practice the tools as you learn them, such as emotional awareness, recognizing your intentions, responsible choice, and consulting intuition.
  • Open to changes in yourself as you progress through the course.
  • Go through the course again.

How to get through the course:

  • Start with Chapter One and move sequentially. Each chapter builds upon another, and you will learn more easily this way.
  • Put aside 90 minutes or so for each chapter, but don’t feel that you need to complete a chapter in one sitting. (Whenever you leave a chapter, click “Enter Your Answers in the SoulLog” at the bottom of the Review page to save your answers).
  • Don’t do more than a Chapter a day.
  • Set aside a day or more for each chapter. Some people set aside a week for each chapter.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Look for people in your life you would like to have as spiritual partners and suggest that they enroll in this course, too. Then practice together.

Enjoy yourself.